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Packing mistakes and how to avoid them

Common Moving Mistakes and How to Conquer Them - April 17, 2019

Packing is a slow and tedious task. And we all tend to rush through it in order to finish as ...

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When and how much should you tip your movers

Moving advice - April 15, 2019

The tipping culture around the world is very versatile. While in some countries tips are a given and they are ...

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Moving from Brooklyn to Queens

Where to move? - April 10, 2019

Moving a difficult endeavor. Even in the case when you are moving from Brooklyn to Queens. The locations may seem ...

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Things to do after you move

Living and Working in New York City - March 14, 2019

Moving is going to be one of the most stressful periods of your life. Because moving into a new home ...

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Piano moving tips – What you need to know

Moving advice - March 12, 2019

Piano moving seems like a daunting task. It does not have to be. If you know what you are doing ...

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Moving injuries – how to avoid them?

Common Moving Mistakes and How to Conquer Them - February 15, 2019

Moving can be chaotic and very expensive, and if you’re not careful it can turn into a painful experience. Even ...

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How to find reliable movers on a budget?

Tips for Moving to NYC on a Budget - February 10, 2019

Moving is a difficult endeavor. Much of your wit and nerves must go into it in order for it to ...

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Should you hire unpacking professionals after the move?

Moving advice - January 30, 2019

The entire moving process can be very complicated. Packing and unpacking can consume a lot of time and energy. And ...

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Moving to NYC – pros and cons

Where to move? - January 21, 2019

So, you are thinking about moving to NYC. Is it a good idea? How will it change your everyday life? ...

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How to properly prepare for moving to New York

Moving advice - January 17, 2019

So, have you thought about moving to New York? Moving to the City that Never Sleeps is a big deal ...

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