Month: May 2019

How to choose the right neighborhood in Queens?

Top NYC neighborhoods - May 20, 2019

If you are reading this post most likely you are planning on moving to Queens. This is an excellent choice ...

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Pros and cons of settling in New York as a senior

Where to move? - May 19, 2019

New York is one of the most populated states in the United States. And as such it has a lot ...

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The different types of moving boxes you can use

Moving advice - May 17, 2019

The moving process can be daunting, especially for those people who are moving for the first time. When you start ...

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Saving money on packing – how and why?

Tips for Moving to NYC on a Budget - May 15, 2019

While planning your relocation, you must be slowly realizing that you will need to dive deep into your savings. It’s ...

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Best places to retire to

Where to move? - May 11, 2019

Retirement gives you an opportunity to relocate to a place that better suits your needs. And without having to worry ...

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How to pack your entire home in a day

Common Moving Mistakes and How to Conquer Them - May 9, 2019

Moving to a new home takes a lot of work. And it most commonly takes a lot of time as ...

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Tips for storing winter clothing

Living and Working in New York City - May 6, 2019

It’s that time of the year again. Spring is coming to an end, the days are getting longer and summer ...

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Ways to gather money for your relocation

Tips for Moving to NYC on a Budget - May 4, 2019

The time to finally move out for your house has come. You are very excited about the prospect of starting ...

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How to unpack like a professional?

Moving advice - May 2, 2019

So, you’ve finally moved to a new place. It’s definitely exciting and fun, but it can be chaotic as well. ...

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